Supporting Long-Term Research

Desired Outcome by 2035

A sustainable system (including perpetual funding) for supporting long-term (a decade or longer) ecosystem research, complementing existing support for short-term research.

Key Activities Identified in the National Plan

Establish a dedicated working group; produce a review that effectively articulates to policy makers the value proposition for long-term research, based on key examples that have had demonstrable impact; hold a broadly representative workshop aimed at developing an implementation plan that identifies (i) what a national system of long-term research would look like, (ii) clearly defines the pathways from long term research to outcomes for government, private industry, the community and for Australia’s international contribution to science, and (iii) identify priority biomes/sites/refugia and ecosystem processes for undertaking/requiring long-term research.

Council Members

Alan Andersen (Coordinator), Rachael Standish and Glenda Wardle.

Working Group

In early 2016, a new working group was formed to work with the Ecosystem Science Council and ecosystem science community in advancing this Key Direction. The Working Group will promote, coordinate and participate in activities to achieve the priority for this Key Direction as noted above.

There was an open invitation distributed throughout the ecosystem science and management communities for expressions of interest to join the Working Group, to ensure that the group includes people with experience and/or influence in designing and implementing long-term research (in any area of ecosystem science); experience in sourcing long-term funding for research; and knowledge of governance structures and funding mechanisms within government and non-government agencies domestically and internationally.

The final Working Group membership is:

Prof Alan AndersenWG Chair,
Deputy Chair of the Ecosystem Science Council,
Charles Darwin University (Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods)
Prof Andrew BennettDeakin University
Dr Neville BarrettUniversity of Tasmania
Dr Emma BurnsLong Term Ecological Research Network, Australian National University
former ESC Councillor
Dr Fiona CameronAustralian Research Council
Prof Jenny DavisCharles Darwin University
Prof Chris DickmanUniversity of Sydney
Prof Richard KingsfordUniversity of New South Wales
Prof Charley KrebsUniversity of British Columbia
Dr Sarah LeggeConsultant
Dr Rachel StandishMurdoch University,
Ecosystem Science Council member
Prof Glenda WardleUniversity of Sydney, Chair of the Ecosystem Science Council
A/Prof Barbara WilsonDeakin University

The Council is grateful to the Working Group for volunteering to be involved in this way to advance Foundations for the future.

Information about the responsibilities, roles, tasks, membership criteria and the selection process for the Working Group are detailed in the Terms of Reference.

Priorities to 2020

  1. Use the business case as a basis for engaging key stakeholders and decision-makers for developing and implementing a plan for sustained funding of long-term research.
  2. Co-host the AusLTER – Long-term Ecosystem Research at the annual Ecological Society of Australia conference in November 2018.

For more information about activities to support this Key Direction, please contact Alan Andersen.