Making The Most Of Data Resources

Desired Outcome by 2035

National, interoperable data services for publishing ecosystem sensor and observation data as high value resources for forecasting, managing and reporting biodiversity and ecosystem changes.

Council Members

Anita Smyth (Coordinator) and Glenda Wardle.

Working Group

The Data Resources Working Group was formed through an open Expression of Interest in September 2015. It meets via teleconference and emails on a needs basis for input and feedback on the Council’s submissions and other activities that maximise the use of data resources generated by ecosystem science.

The membership of the Working Group is:

Dr Anita SmythWG Chair, Member of the Ecosystem Science Council,
The University of Adelaide
Dr Elisabeth BuiCSIRO
Ms Claire deLacyformerly TERN
Dr Serryn EaglesonAURIN
Dr Bradley EvansUniversity of Sydney
Dr Rebecca PirzlAtlas of Living Australia, CSIRO
Dr Ben RoudnewDepartment of the Environment and Energy
Dr Peter ScarthThe University of Queensland
Ms Tina SchroederMurdoch University, TERN
Mr Jeff Tranterformerly Department of the Environment and Energy
Prof Glenda WardleThe University of Sydney,
Chair of the Ecosystem Science Council
Mr Gavin WinterQueensland University of Technology
Dr Andre ZergerAtlas of Living Australia

Mr Matt Miles (Principal Advisor) at the Department of Environment and Water, South Australia advises the Working Group on a needs basis.

The Council acknowledges the contribution of the Working Group for volunteering expertise in ways that makes the most of ecosystem science information and data.

Information about the responsibilities, roles, tasks, membership criteria and the selection process are detailed in the Council’s Terms of Reference.

Priorities to 2020

  • Review the capabilities of environmental data infrastructure and its advances to harness ecosystem science data to meet the essential knowledge and data needs of Australia’s ecosystem science community and related environmental disciplines; and
  • Produce a community-wide statement on ‘high value’ ecosystem data and guidelines to encourage flexible, FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable) data infrastructure for greater reuse.

For more information, please contact Anita Smyth.