Inspiring A Generation

Desired Outcomes by 2035

The value of healthy ecosystems, and the science underpinning that, is recognised by society at large. This understanding secures a long-term foundation for healthy ecosystems.

Council Members

Pauline Mele (Coordinator), Susanne Schmidt and Glenda Wardle.

Working Group

The Working Group includes representatives of the ecosystem science community and wider community that have direct experiences and skills with communications, outreach, education, community engagement or related fields. Members cover the range of research organisations, government, industry, community groups and NGOs.

The members of the working group are:

Assoc Prof Pauline MeleWG Chair, ESC Councillor,
Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources,
LaTrobe University
Alix BaltaisEnvironmental consultant
Dr Rosalie ChappleUniversity of New South Wales
Dr Emilie EnsMacquarie University
Tanya HaEnvironmental advocate
Prof Iain McCalmanUniversity of Sydney
Prof Susanne SchmidtESC Councillor,
The University of Queensland
Assoc Prof Linda WilliamsRMIT
Dr Russell WiseCSIRO

The Council is grateful to the Working Group for volunteering expertise in ways that empower generations to appreciate the fundamental role of the Earth’s ecosystems in providing resilient environments, food, livelihoods and nature.

Information about the responsibilities, roles, tasks, and membership criteria are detailed in the Terms of Reference.

Priorities to 2020

  1. Continue building links with Commonwealth Government Departments and agencies, in order to foster understanding of the place of ecosystem science in the management of Australia’s natural resources.
  2. Create links with other groups with similar aims, and to work in concert with them to source funds for the ongoing work of the Council.

For more information about the working group and its activities, please contact Pauline Mele.