Enabling Ecosystem Surveillance

Desired Outcome by 2035

The entrenchment of a systematic, continental-scale monitoring of essential ecosystem variables that reflect the health of our ecosystems.

Key Activities Identified in the National Plan

Define the differences and overlap between Ecosystem Surveillance and Long Term Research; establish a dedicated working group (Council members and externals), and a process for engagement; produce a document that effectively articulates to policy makers and government agencies the value proposition for ecosystem surveillance; identify funding sources. To support the members, a face-to-face workshop will be held to develop an implementation plan. The plan will: (i) identify what a national system of ecosystem surveillance would look like, (ii) prioritise ecosystem variables for surveillance monitoring, and (iii) define funding, institutional and governance arrangements for surveillance monitoring.

Council Members

Noel Preece (coordinator), Bryony Horton, Mark Lonsdale and Glenda Wardle.

Working Group

A working group was formed to work with the Ecosystem Science Council and ecosystem science community in advancing this Key Direction. The Working Group promotes, coordinates and participates in activities to achieve the priority for this Key Direction. It includes representatives of the ecosystem science community that have a direct experience with undertaking ecosystem surveillance within research institutions, governments, industry, community groups and NGOs. The Working Group membership is:

Adj. Assoc. Prof. Noel PreeceWG Chair, ESC Councillor
Biome5 PL,
James Cook University, Charles Darwin University
Dr Neville BarrettUniversity of Tasmania, former ESC Councillor
Dr Emma BurnsLong Term Ecological Research Network, Australian National University
former ESC Councillor
Dr Teresa EyreQueensland Herbarium, Queensland Government
Dr Alison FosterNational Parks & Wildlife Service, NSW.
Dr Bryony HortonDepartment of the Environment, NSW, ESC
Peter LyonDepartment of the Environment & Energy
Dr Mark LonsdaleAustralian National University,
Ecosystem Science council Member
Prof Graciela MetternichtUNSW Australia, Sydney
Dr Nicholas MurrayUniversity of NSW
Dr Ben SparrowAUSPLOTS, University of South Australia
Randal StoreyDepartment of the Environment
Dr Stephen Van LeeuwenDepartment of Parks and Wildlife, WA
Prof Glenda WardleUniversity of Sydney, Chair of Ecosystem Science Council
Dr Tim WillsGHD

Information about the responsibilities, roles, tasks, membership criteria and the selection process are detailed in the Council’s Terms of Reference.

The Council is appreciative of the Working Group for volunteering expertise on ways to keep watch over Australia’s ecosystems.

Priorities to 2020

  1. Continue the synthesis of key elements of successful ecosystem surveillance programs.
  2. Continue the review and synthesis of long term research and ecosystem surveillance programs in Australia (and globally), and complete the review.
  3. Run a symposium at the annual Ecological Society of Australia’s conference where relevant.

For more information please contact Noel Preece.