Delivering Maximum Impact

Desired Outcome by 2035

Improved communication and collaboration between ecosystem scientists, and people who can use the knowledge and other outputs generated by ecosystem science

Key Activities Identified in the National Plan

Generate guidelines for ecosystem science activities that will enhance mutual understanding and knowledge exchange between researchers, practitioners and policy-makers, taking into account elements of success and pitfalls to avoid that have been learnt from previous experiences among these key groups.

Council Members

Steve Morton (Coordinator), Alan Andersen, Dan Rogers, Susanne Schmidt, Anita Smyth and Glenda Wardle.

Working Group

Other Council members may form a working group for specific activities on a needs basis and availability at the time.

Priorities to 2020

  1. Engage policy-makers in the development of a ‘National Environmental Prediction System’ and a ‘National Ecosystem Monitoring and Management Agency’.
  2. Work closely with other working groups, particularly for ‘long-term research’ and ‘surveillance monitoring’, while developing and articulating benefits to society from ecosystem science.

For more information about activities to support this Key Direction, please contact Steve Morton