Coordination, Collaboration & Leadership

Desired Outcome by 2035

Empower a more collaborative and coordinated ecosystem science community through the formation of an ‘Ecosystem Science Council’ which offers leadership to implement the National Plan, working with all relevant discipline areas, organisations, societies, and professions.

Key Activities Identified in the National Plan

Form a national Ecosystem Science Council and manage membership renewal then increase engagement by connecting with relevant professional societies, organisations and agencies to identify opportunities for ongoing input and involvement in review of the National Plan. Assist the the Council to mature by leading governance activities and directing critical activities such as meetings, funding and branding activities (e.g., the Council’s website).

Council Members

Glenda Wardle (Coordinator) and all members of the Council.

Working Group

Working groups of other Council members are formed on a needs basis to address specific governance topics.

Priorities to 2020

  1. To obtain funding to support both the operation of the Council and the activities under each of the working groups. Funding to employ support staff would ensure that our key activities and outreach would progress more efficiently towards the milestones we have set. We will also be seeking funds to hold workshops to bring the working groups and stakeholders together. The Council meets regularly by teleconference but an annual face-to- face gathering is essential for deeper discussions and strategic planning.
  2. To continue arguing for the implementation of a National Environmental Prediction System and a National Ecosystem Monitoring and Management Agency, through the relevant Australian Government departments in Canberra.

For more information about the working group and its activities, please contact Glenda Wardle.