Government releases report on research funding

The report makes 15 recommendations about funding arrangements.

Four fundamental elements underpin the Committee’s recommendations. The first is to reduce the voluminous amount of information currently provided in support of grant funding applications. The second is to make use of existing data and information pertaining to researchers and research institutions. The third is to provide as much document uniformity as possible across the research funding schemes. And the fourth is to level the playing field for under-represented research groups. This includes early and mid-career researchers, women, minority groups, Indigenous researchers and rural and regional universities.

The key recommendation of the Committee is that a central online research management system be introduced for all Commonwealth grant programs. To maximise the efficiency of this system, it is recommended the system be linked to existing data sources to prepopulate information where available. In addition, the Committee recommends the introduction of a two-stage application process which emphasises the strength and merit of research ideas. Ancillary information unlikely to impact project ranking need only be submitted by successful applicants.
” (Commonwealth of Austrlia, p. iii)

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