ESC questions political parties on the environment in the 2019 Australian election

Our election message outlines areas of specific concern and relevance to the ecosystem science community and is an opportunity for political parties and independents to outline their policy positions on these areas. We seek responses from the parties to the questions that frame our community’s key concerns. All responses and non-responses will be posted to inform our community and everyday people of political positions in time for the 2019 Election.

Our Key Issues

We have identified four key focus areas for Australia’s ecosystems relevant to the 2019 Federal Election:

  1. Measurement of progress towards environmental goals and objectives,
  2. Establishment of a national ecosystem monitoring and forecasting system,
  3. Institutional reform and more effective implementation of environmental legislation, and
  4. Investment of 3% of GDP in research and development.  

The Ecosystem Science Council has framed six key questions that will influence voting patterns among our community.  We asked political parties and independents to respond to these questions:

  1. What future role should Australia play in setting the international agenda and standards for the environment?
  2. How would your party propose to integrate findings from national environmental monitoring processes into policy formulation and planning?
  3. What priority will your party place on measuring progress towards national and international environmental goals and objectives?
  4. How will your party address the pressing lack of reliable data on the condition and resilience of Australian terrestrial, aquatic and marine ecosystems?
  5. What initiatives does your party propose to address the continued issues with land clearing, threatened species and biodiversity decline, and reef, soil and water management in Australia?
  6. Will your party commit to the call from Science & Technology Australia, and the Australian Academy of Science, for a long-term plan to achieve investment of 3% of GDP in research and development, and how would your party ensure that ecosystem science is a part of that investment?