Council Alarmed About Mega Bushfires

The Ecosystem Science Council is deeply concerned about the ongoing environmental impacts on people, species, and ecosystems from the 2019-2020 mega-bushfires in Eastern and Southern Australia. Climate scientists have warned that the record hot and dry weather conditions causing these catastrophic fires are becoming more frequent under climate change. The repeated occurrence of such intense fires increases risk to human life and property, and devastates Australian forests and other ecosystems. Many plants and animals not found anywhere else on Earth will be lost.

Scientists have responded to the call for urgent assistance in the wake of these catastrophes, including members of the Ecosystem Science Council. The Council stands with the ecosystem science community and peak bodies calling for urgent policy and practice responses.

We refer those interested in taking further action to these resources.

Peak bodies

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  1. The Inquiry into Vegetation and Land Management practices effects on the intensity and frequency of bushfires policy, practice and legislation and their effect on the intensity and frequency of bushfires and subsequent risk to property, life and the environment (31 March 2020), and
  2. The 10-year review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (17 April 2020)

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