Australian Labour Party’s policy on our ecosystems

Measurement of progress towards environmental goals and objectives

“A Shorten Labor Government will provide urgent action and overdue leadership to step up the fight to protect Australia’s environment and hand on a better environment to the next generation.We will invest more than $1 billion in new environment programs to tackle the extinction crisis;cut single-use plastics;protect our beaches and coastlines;clean up the nation’s rivers;double the number of Indigenous Rangers caring for country;and protect the Great Barrier Reef. Specifically, we will initiate a national campaign to save Australia’s iconic native species by creating a $100 million Saving Native Species Fund which will seek to both restore numbers of endangered plants and animals and eliminate non-native pests. Labor will call on all states and territories, business and civil society to join in a national effort to protect our iconic animal and plant species.The Fund will be guided by the Threatened Species Scientific Committee (TSSC) and in consultation with experts from conservation, science/research backgrounds and the private sector to advise on best projects. It will also be directed to closely collaborate with NGOs and community groups which are already working to deliver on species recovery.The Environment Department and TSSC would also set a priority list of threatened species for protection and invasive species that need to be managed. To maintain transparency, the Fund would publish annual reports to government, documenting progress on its mandate and the priority list.Labor will re-establish Australia as a cooperative and engaged participant in international efforts to address climate change.Protecting the global environment is a vital foreign policy objective, as environmental degradation contributes to social and political conflict and undermines regional and international security.”

[Excerpt from letter, 12 may 2019]

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