2020 Election of Council

According to the Terms of Reference for the Ecosystem Science Council, the Council’s membership will be refreshed every two years with half of Council places becoming open at that time.

There are six Council members who will be completing their terms:

  • Prof Alan Andersen
  • Dr Bryony Horton
  • A/Prof Pauline Mele
  • Dr Steve Morton
  • A/Prof Noel Preece
  • Dr Anita Smyth

Alan, Bryony, Pauline, Steve, Noel and Anita have all played an invaluable role in advancing Foundations for the future, and we are incredibly grateful for their hard work, leadership, and vision on Council.

Terms of Reference

As well as describing the Council’s role and purpose, the Terms of Reference for the Council outline what it’s membership should look like, and how that membership will be selected.

The inaugural Council was formed in early 2015. The Terms of Reference highlight that each two years, approximately half of the places on Council should be opened for election. Read below for more about this process.

How will Council members be selected?

Council members are selected through a two-part process:

  1. An open vote for the candidates by registered voters throughout the Australian ecosystem science community. This vote is used to identify the first half of the required members of the Council. In 2020, the vote will determine votes for all members who have completed their terms on Council.
  2. After this, to help ensure diversity and balance across the Council, the sitting Council* will identify the final two members from among the remaining candidates.

You can read more about the selection process in the Terms of Reference above.

This process was chosen to ensure there is openness and transparency in selecting Council members, and to ensure the Council has the support and mandate of the wider ecosystem science community.

The vote itself occurs 19-30 November 2020. (See below for timeline.)

[*NB – this step will only involve continuing and departing members of Council. If any Council members are re-nominating through the election process, they will not participate in this step.]


Nominations for the Ecosystem Science Council  open on Thursday 1 October and close on Saturday 31 October 2020.

Anyone from the Australian ecosystem science community is invited to self-nominate to become a member of the Council.

Click here to find out more about the nomination process.

Voter registration

Voter registration opens on Tuesday 1 October and closes on Thursday 12 November 2020.

Anyone who identifies as a part of the Australian ecosystem science and management communities is invited to register to vote in the selection of Council members. Registered voters will be provided with information about the nominees at least one week prior to the vote, and will vote using a secure online election process.


The 2020 Ecosystem Science Council election will run from October – December 2020.