2020 Council Election Suspended!

The 2020 election of nominees onto the Ecosystem Science Council is suspended and nominees to Council will be by appointment in January 2021. 

Covid-19 has caused disruptions for everybody unlike any other year. For many of us there have also been increased workloads or uncertainties in continued employment and demands on our time. Not surprisingly, the 2020 nominations and the election of new Council members has been disrupted also. Potential nominees have needed more time to consider their options and we are therefore continuing discussions with the last nominees. If you are in a position to reconsider and would like to put your name forward, do get in touch.

Many thanks to those who registered to vote in the November elections. With the direct appointment of new Council members, voting is no longer necessary and therefore suspended. 

The Council will be in touch in January 2021 to announce the new membership of Council.